We put the human in business

There for you beyond the plan.

Support that lasts beyond success

Business Plan Inspiration

Content Strategy

Target Audience

Men and women, 24-35, wanting to get a business loan, but who don’t know how to write a business plan. Specifically, people who have some emotion behind their business idea, and likely are starting a business they’re passionate about. Otherwise, people who just like feeling like there’s a person behind the “service desk” and want more of that ongoing support.

What makes this company unique? (Strengths)

Personable, friendly, human, down-to-earth. Ongoing support with your business. We keep you in mind even beyond the sale, and we reach back out with anything we find that can help you down the road, no upselling involved. We truly want to help.

What values do they offer that clients can’t find elsewhere?

Unlike many business plan writing services out there, we truly care about each client we work with. We’re passionate about helping you succeed and making your dream come true. This isn’t just a business we’ve started in order to capitalize on a skill we have–it’s what we do because we believe in the work to our core. We’re here to prove the American Dream still exists.

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Do you have a business idea, but you’re stuck on the business plan writing? Writing an investor ready business plan is anything but easy. In fact, it can be confusing, stressful, and headache-inducing. Trust us–we get it.

We’re here to help so you can skip right on to the fun parts of getting your exciting business going.

What sets us apart from the rest? We understand the importance of having a well laid-out business plan to turn your idea into a reality. We’ve personally been there, so we know what you’re up against. That’s why we aim to put the “human” in business.

How? We come along your start-up journey with you. We don’t just write investor-ready business plans–we also provide support that lasts beyond your success. We go above and beyond to keep you believing in yourself throughout the whole process.

After all, today’s most successful people have all shared that one quality. If nothing else, they believed in their dream.

We understand there’s much more to starting a business than simply writing up plans. That’s why we aim to give support from those soft angles that other business plan writing services simply miss.

We don’t just want your business–we want your business to succeed. Experience the support that lasts beyond success.

Contact us here to learn how we can get your business started today.

Brand story

I’m Abe Phillips, the founder of Business Plan Inspiration. The idea for this company came from my own experience trying to bring my dream to life.

I wanted to start an elderly care service here in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. So, I reached out to the Little Rock Small Business Administration to get some market research done. I was passionate about my idea, and so excited to get things moving. Then, the record-scratch moment: they asked to see my business plan, and I didn’t have one.

They outright told me they wouldn’t take me seriously without one. With a heavy heart, I went back to the drawing board. I pulled myself back up and then threw myself into research, which turned out to be deep and thorough. I wanted to cover every possible angle this time so there was no chance of being turned away again.

It was a stressful process at first, but I fought my way up the learning curve. Eventually, I had taught myself all the ins and outs of investor ready business plan writing. My business plan was finally ready, and I got the market research I needed. It was a satisfying feeling to be sure. But at the top of that learning curve, I realized I’d learned something else: I suddenly had a new passion. I wanted to help others create their business plans, too.

In being transparent I received a loan from my own business plan that I’ve wrote in the amount 15,000. I also helped a client get 60,000 dollars for a bakery. Recently I’ve helped a client secure a 20,000 loan  for her business.

Fast forward to today, I’ve now assembled a team of expert individuals who are just as passionate as I am about bringing people’s dreams to life. We write investor-ready business plans, but our support goes beyond the plan. Our team creates high-quality plans for any business, from small shops to shopping malls. Big or small, we truly care about bringing your business idea to fruition.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us through our contact page and someone will get in touch with you. Until then, keep chasing your dreams.


USP: We go along the start-up journey with you, providing caring, ongoing support. Unlike the rest who just want your business–we want your business to succeed. We write investor-ready business plans, and we give support that lasts beyond success. I also offer a plagiarism report to let my customers see  I wrote there plan from scratch.